famous people wearing glasses

Images of famous people wearing glasses and spectacles. Our frames were not worn by these famous people but are the same style, color, and time period as those worn by these famous people.

Malcolm X Wearing Browline Eyeglasses
Teddy Roosevelt Wearing Pince-Nez Glasses
Winston Churchaill Wearing Glasses
Steven Jobs wearing saddle eyeglasses
Malcolm X
Theodore Roosevelt
Winston Churchill
Steve Jobs
John Lennon Wearing Windsor Glasses
John Lennon Wearing Marshwood Eyeglasses
John Lennon Wearing Plastic Eyeglasses
George Harrison Wearing Glasses
John Lennon Windsor
John Lennon Marshwood
John Lennon Plastic
George Harrison
John Denver Wearing Glasses
Mahatami Gandhi Wearing Glasses
Ho Chi Minh Wearing Glasses
Barry Goldwater Wearing Glasses
John Denver
Mahatma Gandhi
Ho Chi Minh
Barry Goldwater
Michael Jackson Wearing Glasses
Saint Jerome Wearing early Eyeglasses
Paul McCartney Wearing glasses
James Joyce Wearing Windsor Eyeglasses
Michael Jackson
Saint Jerome
Paul McCartney
James Joyce
Jackie Kennedy Onnasis
Harry Truman Wearing Wire rim Eyeglasses
Franklin D Roosevelt Wearing Glasses
Sir Edmund Hillary Wearing goggles
Jackie Kennedy
Harry Truman
Franklin D Roosevelt
Sir Edmund Hillary
Benjamin Spock Wearing Plastic Glasses
Katherine Lee Bates Wearing Eyeglasses
Ben Narasin Wearing glasses
General Stilwell Wearing glasses
Dr. Benjamin Spock
Katherine Bates
Ben Narasin
Gen. Stilwell
Senator Vandenberg Wearing Glasses
Ed Wynn Wearing Glasses
Ernest Weir Wearing Glasses
Premier Yoshida Wearing Glasses
Senator Vandenberg
Ed Wynn
Ernest Weir
Premier Yoshida


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