Replacement Cable Temples


Replacement Cable Temple arms for
Windsor, Marshwood (Wire Rim), and Riding Temple


The cable temple was introduced in 1727 and remained popular until after WWII. There is a difference between the design of American made temples and English & European made temples. Click here to see a drawing of both styles.

English made frames and most European Windsors use a different style cable end.  Click here for images of English made cable temples and their ends.

American made cable temples come in two sizes. The measurements are made in thousandths of an inch. We carry replacement cable temples in both thicknesses of .026 and .045. Marshwood style and many WWII Military issue frames were engraved; it is rare to find a Windsor frame that is engraved. We have both yellow gold-filled and white gold-filled temples. Click here for images.

Most Rimless, Semi-Rimless (aka Cortlands), and Riding Temple frames require a .026 blade width. Additionally, more than 90% of Windsor frames need the .026 size. Click here for samples of these styles.

Most Marshwood frames and a few Windsor frames need the .045 size. Click here for samples of these styles.


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