Nuremberg Spectacles

Nuremberu style Spectacles
Spectacles similar to the Nuremberg
Nuremberb Eyeglasses
Spectacles similar to Nuremberg

Stock Number: 3102-21

Nuremberg Eyeglasses
These eyeglasses are of a small size
They are made from steel with some type of a coating
The eyeglass lenses are poorly made
The lenses do not have magnification
The total width is 2 5/8 inches wide
Lens diameter is 28 mm
The edge of the lenses are not ground
They appear to be nipped and in places, the nipping is smoothed by rubbing the edge on sandpaper
They are part of a collection of very early spectacles
I have been contacted by a collector who believes that these spectacles are either a toy or were made for a large doll


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