Celluloid Optical Fan

Celluloid Optical Fan

Celluloid Optical Fan

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Spyglass Fan

Celluloid Spyglass Fan, Eyeglasses Warehouse, Waterville, Maine

Stock Number: 2285-24

Celluloid optical fan from the mid-to-late 1800s
The celluloid is in good overall condition
It is not cracked and has not been mended
Both optical lenses are intact
The celluloid is decorated with shiny metal discs
Some of the small discs are missing
Some of the small discs are coated with a light rust
You can see these defects in the oversized image
The silk ribbon is not original and has been replaced at some point
The fan comes complete with its original paper case
The case is marked "43/34 cut"
The case is in excellent condition
This item, of course, is extremely fragile
It would not be suitable for use
It should be added to a collection
Fan width is 10 1/4 inches
The height of the fan is 5 inches
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has a similar fan
That fan is featured on the front page of a newsletter issued by the Ophthalmic Collecting Club
The club is based in London


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